Alexis Sauter

The Lord is my strength and my song.

Psalm 118:4


Alexis Sauter

Alexis Sauter
The Beginning

Sound. Simple, yet complex vibrations. Words to create melody and harmony. Rhythmic. Strong. The lifting of spirits. The sound of hope.

Let’s begin by telling you about a miracle.

On Sunday November 10, 1991 a mother decided to go to church where Tim Storey was ministering. He began calling on people in need of healing. This mother quickly unhooked her child from a breathing monitor and went forward. Tim laid his hands on the mother’s forehead and said, “Lord heal this baby for me. Praise God!”

That baby was Alexis. And that was all it took.

God reached down at that moment and fixed, opened up, and completely restored Alexis’s heart and pulmonary artery. Thirty-six hours after that prayer took place Alexis was back at the doctor’s office and after several tests the Doctor confirmed he could not explain what had happened, she was breathing at 100%. The only thing the doctor could detect listening to her heart was an innocent murmur, a musical murmur.

A musical murmur from God whose creative power now brings you Alexis Sauter – singer, songwriter, and a precious gift.

The Middle

Throughout her childhood, Alexis received classical training and began to make her mark, performing with legendary superstar Ray Charles on his Christmas DVD entitled Ray Charles Celebrates A Gospel Christmas. Like her love for music, Alexis’ passion for traveling also began at a young age – sharing her voice all over the world from Hawaii to San Francisco to New York’s Carnegie Hall and all the way to the Royal Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia.

In 2004, Alexis began writing her own music. She considers her works inspirations from God. Alexis says, “the songs just come to me and won’t leave my head until I write them down.” In 2007 Alexis had the honor of working with Multi Grammy Award Winning Producer and Entertainment Executive Raina Bundy on recording three songs, ‘There Is A Way’ and ‘Place of Grace’, as well as the song ‘Pieces’.


In 2014, Alexis graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Music from Oral Roberts University. During her four years there, Alexis acted as a Worship Team Leader, Missions Team Leader, Chaplain, and Prayer Team Leader.

Today, Alexis has the honor of leading worship for the first year at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding California. Each week, she gets to usher in the presence of God with an amazing team of musicians. Together, with the students, they corporately seek the face of the Father and see Heaven come to Earth everyday. In addition to her work as worship leader, Alexis plans to head to Thailand to continue her mission in working with the underprivileged, orphans, refugees, lepers and victims of human trafficking.

At the end of the day, everything that Alexis does is in service to the Lord – having dedicated her life, passion, and worship to bringing light and hope to the world through music.



    Love! "I am so madly in love with my savior! He's just so good. I am so unbelievably blessed because I get to do what I love for the one I love, it's the best!" Alexis believes that there is no greater call than to love and live in constant fellowship with the Father. She has always loved music, and truly believes that when we worship Him, it allows His world to beautifully enter ours. "My life has been forever changed by my relationship with Him, He truly is my everything." This is exactly why Alexis loves what she does, why she loves worshipping Him.


    Alexis has the honor of leading worship at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding California! Weekly, she gets to usher in the presence of God with an amazing team of musicians and together, with the students, they seek the face of the Father and see Heaven come everyday! "I love creating an atmosphere for people to encounter Him and His love. Worship allows people to meet face to face with the Lord and it is an absolute honor to be able to create that intimate space for people to be with Him."


    Alexis' heart is for people to experience true intimacy with the Father, and that comes to life in her passion for traveling the world and spreading the love of Jesus. Whether in Redding, Green Bay, Reno, Africa, Thailand, or anywhere in between, Alexis' mission is to help people grow in fellowship with the Father. She has spent time with orphans, refugees, lepers and victims of human trafficking throughout her travels. "I believe that if I can create enough space for people to have an encounter with Him that changes their life then I'm doing my job right."